"13. Aug. 1961. Elsenstr. Sektorengrenze"
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Picture 18: „13th Aug. 1961. Elsenstraße. Sectorial border.“
Taken at the same spot and at the same time as pictures 16 and 17, this picture shows members of the workers‘ militia discussing the situation with a woman – probably from the neighbourhood on the Western side. One can see stones on the ground, signs of preparations to replace the fence with a wall:. This street was the scene of some dramatic escape attempts in the following years. For example, in autumn 1962, a West Berliner who had dug a tunnel to enable Easterners to escape was shot dead by Eastern guards. In 1963, an East German soldier ran a tank into the wall, climbed out and jumped over the wall – severely wounded by his fellow guards’ gunfire, he arrived in West Berlin ...
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