"Wieder einmal müssen die Ostberliner nach Feierabend 'freiwillig' Aufbauschichten leisten. Diese Bauarbeiten, die nicht bezahlt werden, sollen laut Aufruf der 'Nationalen Front' eine Ehrensache jedes Berliners sein. Auch vor Frauen und Kindern macht man dabei nicht halt.
DBZ: Die Baustelle Generalshof im Ostberliner Bezirk Köpenick. 8.6.1960"
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Picture 37: Köpenick (East Berlin), 1960. The women in this picture give the impression that they enjoy the hours of voluntary work, which usually took place on Saturdays, following the Soviet model of so-called "subbotniks". However, one can bei sceptical about whether they actually had much choice. Social pressure from fellow workers – who were colleagues, housemates or schoolmates – together with the material rewards or disadvantages connected with doing or not doing this work, meant that it was not strictly voluntary.