"Ostberlin. Kampfdemonstration zu Ehren von Karl Liebknecht und Rosa Luxemburg, Stalinallee. 15.1.61"
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Picture 28: This picture was taken on 15th January 1961 in East Berlin. The father and his three small children are on their way to or from a parade. Taking along his children and giving them red flags indicates that this man genuinely supports the cause of the parade. He is a member of the Socialist Union Party, wearing the party badge on his coat collar. Every year on 15th January so-called „Kampfdemonstrationen“ (political demonstrations) took place in commemoration of the founders of the German Communist Party, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht who had been killed on 15th January 1919. Parades to their graves in a cemetery in East Berlin had been traditional since the 1920s and have continued after 1989. In the GDR, however, these demonstrations were state-organized and did not allow for individual interpretations of the heritage of Luxemburg and Liebknecht. In 1988, a group tried to take part in the parade carrying a banner with a quotation by Rosa Luxemburg: „Freedom is always the freedon of the dissenters“. These demonstrators and more than 100 of their supporters were arrested and imprisoned.