"Zum 40. Todestag von Karl Liebknecht und Rosa Luxemburg fanden in Ostberlin wieder die üblichen Aufmärsche statt. Um genügend Menschen dafür zu bekommen, wurde die Jugend herangezogen. Unter Aufsicht der 'Volkspolizei' marschierten sie mit Pappköpfen und Transparenten."
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Picture 25: The group in this picture, taken in 1959, is part of a larger procession of people taking part in the annual demonstration to commemorate the murder of the founders of the German Communist Party, Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, in January 1919. The picture gives an idea of the duty-based character of such demonstrations and the indifference caused by obligatory participation. The slogan on the banner hints at the increasing militarization of East German society at this time. It reads: "Secondary School Köpenick. Fighting for socialism with books and weapons". The point of reference for this slogan may have been the efforts of the Free German Youth to persuade their members to participate in paramilitary groups and to serve in the army.